Coding Division SFTs

DHCodingDivision: DHCD-bc9963

Coding Division SFTs represent the tokenization of the Company's own Blockchain Development and Coding Division. The collection ticker is DHCD-bc9963

5000 Units were minted on Oct 21, 2022, with 500 times 10 individual SFTs, each representing a Coding.Division™ Character.

Owning one of each variant makes for a full SET.

As the 1st Demiourgos.Holdings Subsidiary, the Coding.Division™ SFTs collection has a privileged spot among all the company's subsidiaries.

NATIVE Earnings

1) NATIVE Rewards - the "Coding.Division™ Pot"

Due to blockchain restrictions, these profits will be distributed initially only to :

  • Wallet SFTs (non SC addresses)

until Subsidiary Staking is live. Afterwards, only the staked SFTs in Subsidiary Staking will count for the Native Rewards.

As a Demiourgos.Holdings™ Subsidiary, the Coding.Division™ will earn as income 10%-25%(depending on specific) of the value of any project it will help develop. Before these profits can be given to the Coding Division Beneficiaries, Coding.Division™ may use part of this income for maintance or salaries. What remains will be given as rewards to coding Division Beneficiaries.

The Coding.Division™ Beneficiaries are

  1. Demiourgos.Holdings™ Shareholders - 50%

  2. Coding.Division™ SFT Owners - 50%

These earnings are not affected by DEB™. Each SFT will earn the same amount.

STAKING Earnings


Staking Coding Division SFTs in their very own Subsidiary Staking SC, makes the CD SFTs eligible for earning a chunk of the 15% of the daily Snake Token Emission reserved for Subsidiary Staking. Earnings are distributed in the Ecosystems' "reward token", AURYN, created at the daily Auryndex™, from 15% of the daily Snake Token emission.

Earnings are based on a subsidiary Score, weighted by DEB™, which is then compared to the Total Subsidiary Score of all the persons involved in subsidiary staking.

The Score mechanics is as follows:

1 CD SFT = 5 Subsidiary Points 1 Full Set of CD SFT = 75 Subsidiary Points (50% bonus for a set).

As these Earnings are affected by DEB™, they scale with Elite Account Tier.


3) PRIMARY Benefits

The Royalties accumulated through trading are used to generate further rewards for the Coding.Division SFTs owners, using the following steps:

  1. Royalty funds are converted to vEGLD-Vesta-LP using the most efficient swapping path and are then staked in Elite Mode in the VestaX.Finance™ DEX.

  2. Rewards are minted as 20-year sVESTA on a weekly basis and added to the Vesta-VAULT™

  3. Here they will generate the following rewards:

    1. Liquid VESTA Tokens.

    2. vEGLD/USDC as DEX Fees distributed to the Vesta-VAULT™ (0.4% of the 2% DEX Fees are injected monthly as rewards to the Vesta-VAULT™ for all Vesta-VAULT™ participants)

    3. GSC Rewards.

  4. The rewards above are delivered monthly, split equally between all CD SFTs, and they are unweighted by DEB™

4) SECONDARY Benefits

Coding.Division™ owns 400 Silver VestaX™DAO SFTs and these bring 2 advantages:

  • Staked in the "Single Individual Mode", they provide a 11x Multiplier potency for the Primary Benefits.

  • All rewards that are generated by these 400 SFTs (see next page for Vesta SFT Rewards), are distributed to the SFT Owners, based on Subsidiary Score, unweighted by DEB™.

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