How it Works

Demiourgos Elite-Account Owners have the opportunity to establish Joint Liquidity Pools by adhering to the following set of guidelines. The prerequisites for initiating a Joint Liquidity Pool, provided this option is available for the specified vEGLD-Token Pair, are as follows:

  1. For Vesta-based Joint Liquidity Pool:

    • Elite Account Tier 1 status

  2. For Non-Vesta-based Joint Liquidity Pool:

    • Elite Account Tier 2 status.

  3. Possession of 500 Elite-AURYN for opening the Liquidity Pool with.

The 500 Elite-Auryn Joint Liquidity Pool opening Fee will count as DEB Boost Source for the Joint Pool Patron. This amount will be locked by SC and can only be withdrawn after the pool is dissolved.

To ensure the continued functionality of the Pool, the Accounts responsible for initiating the Joint Liquidity Pool must uphold their Elite-Account Tier status. Specifically:

  1. Vesta Joint Liquidity Pools Owners necessitate continued ownership of a at least of 500 Elite-AURYNs (either native of Vested) to maintain an Elite Account Tier of 1.

  2. Non-Vesta Joint Liquidity Pools Owners necessitate continued ownership of a at least of 1000 Elite-AURYNs (either native of Vested) to maintain an Elite Account Tier of 2.

These criteria ensure the Pool remains operational and aligned with the respective Elite-Account Tiers of the Account holders.

Quantitative Earning calculations:

So how much can you earn ? And what can you earn. Lets use the following example. Alice adds the following Assets into the liquidity Pool:

  • 1750 Elite-AURYN

  • 4.500 VLP

  • 5 Gold, 17 Silver, 34 Bronze SFTs (for a total of 110 Individual Power, translating to 1.1x personal IM)

Bob adds the following Assets into the liquidity Pool:

  • 4375 Elite-AURYN

  • 27.000 VLP

  • 76 Gold, 120 Silver, 430 Bronze SFTs (for a total of 1217.5 Individual Power, translating to personal 12.175x IM)

The Pool has a total of:

  • 28.000 Elite-Auryn, and therefore a DEB of 3.1x

  • 360.000 VLP

  • 150 Gold, 300 Silver and 1500 Bronze SFTs (for a total of 3375 Individual power, meaning a final 33.75+1=34.75x IM)

This pool has farmed 100 Raw-Vesta daily.

The vEGLD-Vesta Farm has the following Multipliers:

  • TM = 6x

  • UM = 5.3875x

  • DM = 1x

  • D = 1x

  • DEB of the farm is 3.1x

  • IM of the farm is 34.75x

  • VLM and VM don't apply here.

Per day, this farm produces bare:

100 x 6 x 5.3875 = 3.232.5 Vesta

Because of its DEB:

3232.5 x 3.1 = 10.020,75

Because of its IM:

10.020,75 x 34.75 = 348.221,0625

How much do Alice and Bob earn ?

Alice earnings computation:

Alice has 4500 VLP from a total of 360.000 VLP. Thus her share of Raw Vesta is 0.0125 which translates to 1.25 Raw Vesta.

Her bare production would have been:

1.25 x 6 x 5.3875 x 2.1x (she has 1.1x individual power which would have made a 2.1x IM) = 84.853125 Vesta.

However, due to the SFTs, she is producing:

1.25 x 6 x 5.3875 x 34.75 = 1.404,1171875

As such, the SFTs have generate and extra Reward amount of:

Extra.Reward = 1.404,1171875 - 84.853125 = 1.319,2640625.

From this extra reward, she retains HALF, the other HALF goes to the SFT Boosters.

Her production is until now:

1.404,1171875 + 1.319,2640625/2 = 1.404,1171875 + 659,63203125 = 2063,74921875

DEB Incorporation:

The Joint Liquidity Pool has 3.1x DEB. This means his 2063,74921875 is multiplied by 3.1x. This would place her earnings with this DEB at:

2063,74921875 x 3.1 = 6397.622578125, which is an extra of 4333.873359375.

DEB Share:

HOWEVER, she has contributed 1750 Elite-AURYN from 28.000 that exists in the pool, which places her share of Elite-AURYN at 6.25% from all the Elite-AURYN in the Pool. Therefore, this is what she will earn from the extra difference that DEB is generating.

Extra from DEB = 4333.873359375 * 0.0625 = 270.8670849609375

Her Total earnings from her assets are therefore:

Total VST : = 2063,74921875 + 270.8670849609375 = 2334.6163037109375

BOB earnings computation:

Summarizing Bob earnings Computations using the algorithm described above:

Bare Production = 7.5 x 6 x 5.3875 x 13.175 = 3194.1140625

With SFT he would produce = 7.5 x 6 x 5.3875 x 34.75 = 8424.703125

Extra Reward are = 8424.703125 - 3194.1140625 = 5230.5890625

With Half of this extra reward he has = 3194.1140625 + 5230.5890625/2 = 5809.40859375

DEB Incorporation would produce an extra = 5809.408593750 x 2.1 = 12199.758046875

His DEB share is 15,625%, earnings are = 12199.758046875 * 0.15625 = 1906.21219482422

Total Earnings from his assets are = 5809.40859375 + 1906.21219482422 = 7715.62078857421

More earnings are also coming from:

  • Alice and Bob own SFTs boosting the rest of the LPs in the pool.

  • Their share of DEB boosting all other LPs in the Pool.

Qualitative Earning calculations:

Now that we have clarified the expected earnings, let's delve into what individuals will actually earn.

The system will calculate the earnings an individual would have received based on their assets alone and compare it to their earnings through the Joint Liquidity Pool. The difference will be distributed as follows:

  • 10% in native Vesta

  • 90% in Blessed Vesta.

This distribution applies when the Joint Liquidity Pool retains its status as a Minor Liquidity Provider. However, if the Joint Liquidity Pool transitions into a Major Liquidity Provider, earnings from VLPs surpassing the Liquidity Threshold will be entirely in Blessed Vesta, distributed proportionally among all pool participants.

Conclusion and Pool Limits:

It is evident that the larger the combined resources within a pool, the higher the yield for all participants. Consequently, the following limits have been established:

  1. The total number of Elite-AURYN tokens held within a pool cannot elevate the pool's Elite-Account level beyond that of the Pool Owner's Elite-Account.

  2. There are no restrictions on the quantity of SFTs a Joint Liquidity Pool can house.

  3. Joint Liquidity Pools become accessible once a pool accumulates a minimum Liquidity value of $100,000.

  4. Should the "Whale Threshold" cause the Joint Liquidity Pool to exceed 100% capacity, the pool will cease accepting additional VLPs, but all previously staked VLPs will continue to be taken into account. SFTs can still be added as they have no limit, and Elite-AURYN can still be added, provided there still is place.

For instance, if a Pool owner possesses a Tier 5 status, resulting in a personal DEB of 2.5x, the maximum amount of Elite-Auryn that can be contributed to the pool is 19.999999999999999999999, which represents the minimum threshold necessary to still maintain a DEB of 2.5x.

If the "Whale Threshold" for the Pool is set at 14.8%, then the maximum capacity of the Pool can reach up to 29.6% of all the VLPs.

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