Minor Kosonic Currencies

Solid and Liquid Minor Kosonic Currencies.

The following Table depicts the 6 Alchemical Pools, their Indices, and related 6 Minor Solid/Liquid Kosonic Currencies

PoolIndex NameMinor Solid Kosonic Currency (ESDT)Minor Liquid Kosonic Currency (Meta-ESDT)

Plebea Pool

Plebeic Strength

Plebium Denarius

Denarius Debilis

Comati Pool

Comati Command

Comatus Aureus

Aureus Fragilis

Pileati Pool

Pileati Power

Pileatus Solidus

Solidus Fractus

Tarabostes Pool

Tarabostes Tenacity

Tarabostes Stater

Stater Tenuulus

Strategon Pool

Strategon Vigor

Strategon Drachma

Drachma Minima

Basileus Pool

As Authority

Basileon As

As Infimus

Pool Index

The Pool Index, is the metric that determines the value of the Minor Kosonic Currencies, both Solid and Liquid, in Primal Kosons (Primordial, Ancient and Esoteric Kosons), and is unique for Each Pool.

As each day the Chrysopoeic Forge pours Esoteric Kosons in each of the 6 Alchemical Pools, their respective Indices increases.

Minor Solid Kosonic Currencies

By staking Primordial/Ancient/Esoteric Kosons in any of the 6 Alchemical Pools, users receive the Pool's reward bearing token in Solid Form (ESDT Form) - the Minor Solid Kosonic Currencies.

The Minors Solid Kosonic Currencies are reward bearing currencies (reward bearing through each Pool's very own Index) in ESDT Form, and are in fact auto-staked Primal Kosons (Primordial, Ancient and Esoteric Kosons that reside in the Pool). That is to say, by simply keeping any of the 6 Minor Solid Kosonic Currencies in your wallet, you are earning daily Primordial Kosons in an automatic manner, without ever having to collect rewards daily, wasting collection fees.

While the Crysopoeic Forge pours daily Esoteric Kosons in each Pool, users can also stake all 3 types of Kosons in the Pools, which gives owners of Minor Kosonic Currencies exposure to all the types of Kosons existing in the respective Pool.

Transfer Fees for Minor Solid Kosonic Currencies

The Minor Solid Kosonic Currencies are transfer restricted ESDT Tokens. To transfer them, a fee would have to be paid. The fee is as follows:

  • ESDT Plebium Denarius: 1%

  • ESDT Comatus Aureus: 2%

  • ESDT Pileatus Solidus: 3%

  • ESDT Tarabosters Stater: 4%

  • ESDT Strategon Drachma: 5%

  • ESDT Basileon As: 6%

The Transfer Fee is kept as Primordial Kosons in the respective Pool, computed at the Pool's Index. Therefore transferring Minor Solid Kosonic Currencies increase their respective Alchemical Pool Index.

Minor Solid Kosonic Currencies - Redemption

In order for the reward bearing Minor Solid Kosonic Currencies to be converted back to Primal Kosons (Primordial, Ancient, Esoteric Kosons) at their Pool's Index, they must first be converted to a Meta-ESDT Form. The Meta ESDT Variants of the Minor Solid Kosonic Currencies are designated Minor Liquid Kosonic Currencies.

Conversion between Solid and Liquid forms always happens at a 1:1 Ratio, and can happen in any direction (from Solid to Liquid and viceversa). The Meta-ESDT Token retains in its meta-Data its creation Epoch, which is then used to compute the Redemption Fee. Since each Meta-ESDT Minor Liquid Kosonic Currency is its own unique batch, each individual batch will have an unique redemption fee, depending on its creation Epoch.

The Redemption Fee is as follows:

Fee DurationDecrease

Denarius Debilis

1 Epoch, 10%

Aureus Fragilis

90 Epochs, Starts at 90%

1% per Epoch

Solidus Fractus

180 Epochs, Starts at 90%

0.5% per Epoch

Stater Tenuulus

360 Epochs, Starts at 90%

0.25% per Epoch

Drachma Minima

720 Epochs, Start at 90%

0.125% per Epoch

As Infimus

1440 Epochs, Start at 90%

0.0625% per Epoch

The Minor Solid Kosonic Currencies are transfer restricted. In order to transfer them, they would have to be converted back in their ESDT counterparts, and pay their respective transfer fee.


The Redemption Fee and Transfer Fee Mechanic, combined with the higher yields in Esoteric Kosons for the higher Tiered Pools, could lead to accelerated and stronger growth of their Indices, consequently resulting in faster and more substantial increases in the value of their corresponding Minor Kosonic Currencies.

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