ESTAR Existing

Usage of the 80 mil ESTAR Tokens

80 million ESTAR will be used by both Demiourgos.Holdings™ and Estar.Games™ to increase ESTAR Token usage, availability, and utility.

  1. 20.000.000 will be kept in the "Backed by ESTAR" Pool.

  2. 32.000.000 will be kept for Liquidity creation on the VestaX.Finance™DEX

    1. 2 mil ESTAR paired with 200 vEGLD

    2. 30 mil ESTAR paired with 3600 OURO (staggered, over 30-40 days)

  3. 14 mil will be kept by ESTAR.Games™

  4. 14 mil will be kept by Demiourgos.Holdings™

48% for the ESTAR-OURO-LP will be kept by ESTAR.Games™ as a means of financing for the Company through Liquidity Farming

52% will be retained by Demiourgos.Holdings™ in its Peer.Me Private Vault and will not be used for liquidity Farming.

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