1. Chrysopoeic Forge

The "Staking Forge"

Ancient Scholars using long lost knowledge have manage to somehow create what is now called the Chrysopoeic Forge, according to the ancient inscriptions found on these Forges. Dacian Priests have learned that by depositing Kosons or even Dacian Souls or Land deeds within, the Chrysopoeic Forge somehow generates Kosons for those that made the deposit. These Kosons were named Esoteric Kosons.

The number 16.180.339,887498948482045868 was found inscribed on the Chrysopoeic Forge, scholars still speculate as to its origin. Some say that if you stare at the number you get visions with further numbers completing it, to infinity. No matter how long people have meditated at the number to observe it as a whole, no discernable pattern to the new observed numbers could be seen.

Daily Amount and the Chrysopoeic Split

The Daily Amount of Esoteric Kosons generated is given by the formula, where Current Supply reffers to the Current Supply of Esoteric Kosons:

Daily Esoteric Kosons Amount = (16.180.339,887498948482045868 - Current Supply)/7.000

The Crysopeic Split sees the daily Esoteric Kosons emission split into 70 parts:

  • Soul NFT Staking 5/70

  • Land NFT Staking 5/70

  • Plebea Staking Pool 5/70

  • Comati Staking Pool 6/70

  • Pileati Staking Pool 7/70

  • Tararabostes Staking Pool 8/70

  • Strategos Staking Pool 9/70

  • Basileus Staking Pool 10/70

  • Liquidity Farming 15/70

Chrysopoeic Forge Ceiling = phi * 10^7 (maximum amount of Esoteric Kosons that can be generated)

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