Midas.Chain™ Inception

Demiourgos.Holdings™ very own DEFI infrastructure comprising VestaX.Finance™ DEX intricately woven with the Snake Tokenomics System, is undergoing a remarkable transformation into a dedicated blockchain ecosystem. In this exciting journey towards blockchain evolution, we have the invaluable support of MultiversX™ as a blockchain technology provider.

As the first milestone of this transformative process, MultiversX™ will play a pivotal role in establishing the foundational "consensus" component of the blockchain. Midas.Chain™ will therefore kickstart its journey as a Layer 2 MultiversX™ blockchain, leveraging their innovative Sovereign Shard technology.

This strategic collaboration signifies that while MultiversX™ handles the critical consensus aspect, Demiourgos.Holdings™ brings its expertise to shape the thriving economic dimension of this evolving blockchain ecosystem.

Reviving the Gold Standard

Handling the economic aspects of new Sovereign Shard, Demiourgos.Holdings™ will use Midas.Chain™ to effectively resurrect the gold standard, that was abandoned in the 20th century, with exclusive rewards and incentives aligned with its golden theme, starting with its MultiversX™ Layer 2 Architecture. This encompasses rewards for liquidity providers in tokenized physical gold, blockchain ownership NFTs/SFTs backed by physical gold, and numerous other valuable gold-based earning opportunities.

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