2. World Forge

The "Play to Earn" Forge

When the world was forged, it is said the Gods fuelled the World Forge with 31.415.926,535897932384626433 Kosons. Scholars that have studied this number inscribed on the World Forge seem to think this exact number has to do with the geometric form of the circle, and speculate the world might be round.

Daily Amount

The Daily Amount of ANCIENT KOSONS generated is given by the formula, where Current Supply refers to the Current Supply of ANCIENT KOSONS:

Daily ANCIENT KOSONS Amount = (31.415.926,535897932384626433 - Current Supply)/8.000

The whole amount is distributed daily via Favour.

World Forge Ceiling = pi * 10^7 (maximum amount of ANCIENT KOSONS that can be generated).

Favour System

Dacian warriors, attuned to the celestial rhythms, have discovered a unique path to Divine Favour. By undertaking quests that resonate with the gods, they accrue Favour, a sacred currency redeemable daily at World Forges scattered throughout Dacia.

In a departure from traditional systems where every encounter yields Kosons/Currency/Gold, Dacian warriors, by engaging in a diverse array of activities such as quests, monster slaying, PvP endeavours, and raiding, accumulate Divine Favour. This ethereal currency, earned daily, undergoes an automatic redemption ritual at the World Forge. Here, players lay claim to a designated number of ANCIENT KOSONS, their reward intricately woven into the fabric of Favour earned in comparison to the collective Favour amassed by warriors across all of Dacia.

In the intricate dance of cosmic exchange within Dacia, the accumulation of Favour by a smaller cohort of warriors yields a richer reward of ANCIENT KOSONS for individual players, while a larger assembly dilutes individual rewards. Additionally, the daily emission of ANCIENT KOSONS from the World Forge gracefully diminishes, intricately tied to their total supply—a metric also influenced by burning events. Consequently, these celestial interventions play a role in shaping the daily quantity of ANCIENT KOSONS minted by the World Forge.

Burn System

Every amount of Kosons players spend in game is burned, decreasing its supply.

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