The 3 Kosonic Forges

Primal Koson Variants

Starting with Koson v2, 3 different types of Kosons will exist, all generated via 3 Kosonic Forges. They are called the Primal Kosonic Currencies:

  • Chrysopoeic Forge, generates ESOTERIC KOSONS , from Assets that are inserted into the Forge, via alchemical transmutation. These Assets are Primal Kosons, Soul NFTs, Land SFTs.

  • World Forge, generates Kosons that are found in the "open world", also known as "play to earn" Kosons. The "play to earn" Kosons are named ANCIENT KOSONS.

  • Universal Forge, generates PRIMORDIAL KOSONS for the Demiurgoi that have acquired the necessary knowledge to tap into its mystical powers.

Primal Kosons Variants

In Dacia, three distinct Koson types emerge —Primordial, Ancient, and Esoteric—giving rise to diverse dynamics and mechanics.

The Primordial Kosons enjoy universal acceptance, garnering favor across diverse domains, touted as Kosons of the Gods.

Nevertheless, exclusive locales, steeped in tradition and religious fervor, may exclusively embrace Ancient Kosons, asserting that these tokens are crafted through the acquisition of Favor from the Gods.

Conversely, the mystique surrounding Esoteric Kosons can lead some individuals to haggle for elevated prices. They argue that these tokens, being perceived as mere imitations, are conjured without the divine Favour of the gods, raising concerns about potential divine displeasure.

Amidst these nuanced perspectives, Dacia officially acknowledges the equality of all Kosons in terms of value. Any attempt to extract more Kosons based on their variant is officially branded as criminal and thievish. The nation steadfastly upholds the principle of equality among these sacred tokens, fostering a harmonious and just system.

Primal Kosons Maximum Supply

Maximum Supply of Kosons that can exist for each Variant at any given time is capped/uncapped in the following manner:

  • ESOTERIC KOSONS Maximum Supply = 16.180.339,887498948482045868

  • ANCIENT KOSONS Maximum Supply = 31.415.926,535897932384626433


Even though the PRIMORDIAL KOSONS Maximum Supply is unlimited in theory, in practice for the PRIMORDIAL KOSONS supply of to reach the sum of Maximum Supply of ESOTERIC KOSONS and ANCIENT KOSONS, approximately 108 Mil ESOTERIC KOSONS and 157 Mil ANCIENT KOSONS would have to be burned, which could take longer than the life of the game itself.

Ecosystem Funds

Ecosystem Funds will be used for other Koson related earnings. Owl Games will be given half (1%) of the Ecosystem daily emission. Ecosystem % can be increased, if other Ecosystem Related Earnings will exist in the future.

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