Zalmoxian Liquidity Well

Liquidity Pools

Zalmoxian Liquidity Well

  • tKOSON-LP (Triple Koson LP)



The Zalmoxian Liquidity Well will receive as rewards:

  • 250 Primal Vesta Allocation - VESTA Goddess Blessing - unique to the Zalmoxian Liquidity Well

  • 15/70 of the daily emission of the Chrysopoeic Forge (in ESOTERIC KOSONS)

  • 10% of the daily amount value generated by the World Forge (in PRIMORDIAL KOSONS). This amount will be added as rewards when the World Forge will be brought online.

Kosonic Liquidity Pools

Since the Koson v2 is designed with a triple token architecture, a triple Kosonic Pool will exist that will allow the swap between all 3 Koson Types.

Triple Kosonic Pool

Using the Logic first designed by Curve stable swap AMM, a triple Koson Pool will exits composed of:

  • Primordial Kosons

  • Ancient Kosons

  • Esoteric Kosons

This implementation already exits on MultiversX, as can be seen in the JEXchange implementation of the wDAI/USDC/USDT Pool.

Users will be able to add Liquidity with one of the 3 Koson Variants in a single-sided manner, which would offer exposure to all 3 Koson Types. This Pool can also be used to swap from one Koson Type to any other Koson Type

Standard Kosonic Pools

2 More Standard Kosonic Pools will be created, one with OURO, and one with vEGLD, which will offer the possibility, via Smart Swap to Swap from any Type of Koson to OURO or to vEGLD. These Pools will be created with Primordial Kosons only.

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