DEX Primal Vesta Yields

Primal Vesta Yields on Midas Vesta DEX

When Vesta DEX will be ported on the Midas Blockchain, a reduced Primal Vesta allocation will take place.

MultiversX™ VestaX.Finance™ DEX

While on MultiversX™, the Primal Vesta Yields for the VestaX.Finance™ DEX were the following:

  • 800 Primal Vesta for the vEGLD based Farms

  • 200 Prima Vesta for each VAULT™

  • 20% of the total FARM and VAULT™ Allocation for the Capital vEGLD Pool, the vEGLD-VST Pool

Midas.Chain™ VestaX.Finance™ DEX

While on the Midas.Chain™, the Primal Vesta Yields for the VestaX.Finance™ DEX will be the following:

  • 500 Primal Vesta Allocation for Farms:

    • 60% for the vBTC based Farms, equalling 300 Primal Vesta Allocation

    • 40% for the vEGLD based Farms, equalling 200 Primal Vesta Allocation

  • Each VAULT™ will have 10% of the total Farms allocation, equalling 50 Primal Vesta Allocation

  • 20% of the total Primal Vesta Allocation for all Farms and VAULTs™ is allocated to Capital Farms (vEGLD-VST Farm, and vBTC-VST Farm (if it will exist))

For example, the Total Primal Vesta Allocation for all Farms and 9 Vaults, is 300+200+50*9=950. The only Capital Farm is the vEGLD based VST Farm. This Farm would have a special allocation of 950/5 = 190 Primal Vesta.

Primal Vesta Allocation Breakdown

The following schema is used for Primal Vesta Allocation:

  • Farms, total of 500 Primal Vesta

  • Vaults, 10% of the total Allocation of the Farms, per Vault, hence 50 Primal Vesta per Vault

  • Capital Farms (VST based Farms) will have their separate allocation, 20% of the Total Allocation from all Farms and Vaults.

More over, each year, all Primal Vesta allocations will decrease by 1%.

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