Financial Ownership of the Midas.Chain™

Through Star NFTs.

The Financial Ownership of the Midas.Chain™ will be implemented through the Star NFT System.

These NFTs will serve as the key requirement to create Midas.Chain™ Validators on the MultiversX™ Sovereign Chain. The requirements to open validators will be:

  • 1 Golden Star = 5 Validators;

  • 200 Golden Star Fractions = 1 Validator

  • 2 Silver Star = 1 Validator

  • 20 Bronze Stars = 1 Validator.

Each validator requires an additional collateral of 2.5 Elite-Auryn that is slashable in case of bad behaviour.

The rewards generated by validators will be collected in OURO Token:

  • 20% from the daily OURO Emission will be equally split to all online Validators, regardless if they are validating in the current epoch or not.

  • 70% from all cumulated OURO gas fees, will be earned daily by the Validators that are chosen to validate the present Epoch.

Validator Rewards

The following reward split will be used on the Midas.Chain™

  • 20% of the Daily Ouroboros Emission will be set aside as Validator Rewards. This will be earned as liquid OURO. In addition all GAS fees will be earned for all validators in OURO/Auryn/Elite-Auryn, depending on the daily Reward Rotation.

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