Financial Workflow Revenues

Midas.Chain™ Star NFT Benefits

The Star NFT Investors will earn revenue from the following sources.

  1. Ability to open Validators on the Midas.Chain™ (approx.. 50$ monthly server costs):

    1. 20% of the OURO daily emission will be earned by Validators.

    2. GAS Fees in OURO will be earned by Validators.

    3. Validators Operated by Demiourgos.Holdings will be excluded from these rewards, increasing the APR of everyone else participating as Validator.

  2. Instant Precious Metals Infusion: 10% of all precious metals offered as rewards on the Midas.Chain™ will be directly injected as rewards for the Star SFTs.

  3. Midas.Chain White-label Franchise Revenues: 50% of the Franchise Profits will be injected directly to the SFT Owners.

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