Liquid Bitcoin Staking Protocol


Within the Layer 2 Midas.Chain™ ecosystem, users unlock a unique opportunity to stake Bitcoin and earn VestaXStakedBTC, also known as vBTC. This innovative token serves a dual purpose: it not only incentivizes users with additional Bitcoin through the ever-expanding Liquid Bitcoin Index (LBI™) but also serves as a fundamental cornerstone in the Midas.Chain™ Economy.

The LBI™'s growth is fuelled by rewards sourced from various modules within VestaX.Finance™. These source include:

  1. VestaX.Finance DEX Fees from vBTC based Pools

  2. Physical and Virtual Bitcoin mining.

  3. Demiourgos.Holdings™ Treasury

Use cases for vBTC will include:

  1. As Pool Token within the VestaX.Finance™ DEX, together with vEGLD, OURO and USDC.

  2. NFT minting and NFT Trading in the upcoming NFT Marketplace.

  3. Launching New projects within the Marketplace Launchpad.

  4. As lending and borrowing asset within the upcoming Demiourgos Lending Protocol

vBTC as Pool Token on the VestaX.Finance™ DEX

vBTC will be used as Pool Token on the VestaX.Finance™ DEX, as the 4th such token, together with vEGLD, OURO and USDC. These Pools will have the following Fee Split, from a total of 1.5%, and the fees will be collected in vBTC:

  • 0.3% to Liquidity Providers

  • 0.2% to Demiourgos.Holdings

  • 0.5% to Bitcoin Buyback (expanding the LBI™)

  • 0.5% to GSC Buyback

The pool that will connect all other vBTC pools with all other VestaX.Finance™ DEX Pools will be the vBTC-OURO pool. This will be a vBTC based Pool, and not an OURO based Pool. Therefore its swapping fee will be 1.5% and will follow the fee structure described above.

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